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As St. George's Day celebrations come to an end, Belize continues to celebrate the 70th anniversary of independence from England in 1981. With the parade planned in Belizing, Queen Elizabeth II and her family will lead a parade through Belizing City as Independence Day celebrations are underway nationwide in September.

The annual cycling race starts in Belize City and passes through the capital Belmopan before returning to Belizing City for the finish. The route runs along the Western Highway, which runs east along the east side of the country to the city of San Juan, then west on San Pedro Street and then east on the west side along the Western Highway, returning to a dramatic finale in Belized City.

Belmopan is now served by its own runway and has become one of the developing country's most popular tourist destinations. It is the site of the annual Belize Agriculture and Trade Show, which showcases a wide range of agricultural products, as well as a variety of food and beverages. The festival takes place in Benque Viejo del Carmen and includes a lively carnival and other attractions.

Belize is home to the ruins of the great Mayan Empire, which was perhaps the most advanced civilization in ancient America. The Maya peaked in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including the conquest of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Other nearby attractions include the Mayan ruins of Caracol and Xunantunich, a UNESCO World Heritage site located just across the border in Guatemala, once vying for control of the region with the Aztec Empire.

Belize's capital is Belize City, and when the country was under British rule it was known as British Honduras. In 1862 it became an official British colony, but before that it was known by the British as a Honduran colony. The nation's capitals are Beliza City and Beliza, the second largest city in Central America and the third largest in the United States.

In February 2005, the US government began building a new embassy in Belize City after selecting Belmopan as its new capital. Many foreign governments had resisted the idea of moving their embassies to Belopan, even after the United States decided to baptize the state as a state under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

Formerly called British Honduras, the country that is now called Belize takes its name from the camp in what is now Belizing City, which was run in the 17th century by Scottish buccaneer Peter Wallace. The name Belmopan was chosen in honor of John Belopan, one of the first settlers of Beliza, a small village on the east coast of Honduras.

With a population of over 20,000, Belmopan is the fastest growing population centre in Belize and its capital. San Ignacio Cayo is a popular inland destination and a favorite destination for travelers who want to experience the many eco-adventures in inland Belization. Since its foundation in 1638, it has served as the capital of the territory that is now known as Belized.

The hurricane season in the western Caribbean lasts from June 1 to November 30, but in September and October tropical storms generally hit Belize. The lobster season begins in mid-June and then comes the Placencia Lobster Festival, which takes place on the last weekend in June. Some earthquakes have behaved themselves at their epicenter in Belize and are felt throughout the country, typically in the south. Belizing City is located at the southern end of the Caribbean and is therefore vulnerable to damage from seasonal storms.

Many people of concern to the UNHCR live in Belize City, especially in Corozal, Stann Island and the south of the country. People from the Orange Walk and the Corozoal town come to meet and celebrate with their families. The Carnival Road March is held every year on the last Saturday of March from May to October, and thousands of Belizeans head to Belizean City to participate in the highly anticipated event. Thousands of partygoers take to the streets to enjoy a variety of activities including dancing, music, eating, dancing and dancing. Stans was particularly hard hit by the recent earthquake and tsunami, as well as a series of landslides.

The concentration of serious crime continues to shift from the populous areas of Belize City to the districts of the north, west and south of Belize. The murder rate in all districts of Belizing decreased by 12% in 2015, with the Cayo County recording an increase of 7%.

There is evidence that transnational criminal organizations based in Guatemala, such as MS-13 and Mara Salvatrucha, provide logistical support to international drug and human trafficking organizations, and use Belize as a transit and smuggling route. There is also evidence that dozens of street gangs are active in Belizing County, which includes Belizean City. MS-13, Mara Salvatruecha has been reported in several districts, including the latter, where the U.S. Embassy is located.

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