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Choosing where to start in a foreign country can be difficult, but if you want to start a new life in Belize, some areas are the best places to start. The Belmopan Sex Guide gives you advice on how to find girls who work for you, where and what to look out for in Belopan. In many of the Cayes and Cayo districts, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a place to live in Belize.

Some important information will help you be safe, including the realization that Belize can be a very safe and rewarding country, typical precautions to deter thieves and avoid places with high crime rates. Avoid areas that are obviously marked by poverty and crime (see below) and avoid being bitten by poisonous spiders in Belizing.

Belize has also largely avoided the unbridled development that has seen many of the nation's neighbors capitulate. The government of Belize is committed to protecting the dollars that travelers continue to bring with them.

While crime rates in Belize have increased, the rate of serious crime has declined wherever the police presence has increased. On the other hand, some of the most dangerous areas are the areas with the highest rates of drug trafficking and violent crime. El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic, as well as Guatemala City, are Belizingan gateways for drug smuggling and trafficking. Violent crime among tourists in Belize has increased in recent years, including armed robbery and theft, making the country a hotbed of crime in the world's second-largest tourist destination.

Although Belizingan's roads are improving, they are often in poor condition and traffic deaths remain a real danger in Belizingan, especially during the rainy season. Belmopan is also a very beautiful city, but it has also been described as one of the most dangerous cities in the Caribbean for tourists and locals alike. Although there is not much to write about Belopan, it is quite a lot about what it is. There are also a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, restaurants and cafes as well as a large number of hotels.

One of the tips for staying safe in Belize is to keep the doors of the hotel room closed even when you are there and use your safe whenever possible. Keep your valuables out of sight, or better yet, leave them at home and stay away from abandoned areas. Do not drink too much, do not take drugs, do not hitch-hike or donate drugs.

The Belize Zoo, located near the airport, is more of a conservation, rehabilitation and education project. The zoo is home to over 45 species born in Belizing and is considered the largest zoo in the world and the only one in Central America. We stayed at the El Rey Hotel, organized a tour of Actun Tunichil Muknal and sampled an excellent cheesecake.

Sandwiched between Mexico and Guatemala in the lush green heart of Central America, Belize's natural beauty is breathtaking for a country of such tiny proportions. This charming little coastal town is located on the Caribbean coast, just a few kilometers from the coast of Guatemala. It reaches almost every corner of the globe, including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and even the Middle East and Africa.

The scenery is worth it, although you will find that Corozal has less than other parts of the country, such as Belize City or the capital Monterrey.

Buying or building a home in most areas and producing most of Belize's products is cheaper than what you're used to paying. Bargains are found in the Mennonites, who grow and produce cream cheese here, and in other parts of the country such as Monterrey.

Every day a market bus leaves from Punta Gorda for the villages in the Toledo district south of the market, where you can watch the remaining Belize natives sell their wares. Less forgotten, but no less important, is the Community Market, a market for the indigenous peoples of Baja California and the Caribbean.

Locals sell traditional Mayan handicrafts and jewelry at most ruins, but keep in mind that the choice is limited and fairly expensive, while if you only travel to Belize, you will find typical Latin American and indigenous handicrafts. They will behave cheaply and of high quality in Guatemala, or even better, in the local market in Punta Gorda.

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More About Belmopan